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Notice: 10th October 2013. The PC & Mac Games Forum is currently undergoing transformation as it merges with the old PC Hardware and A/V Forums. This FAQ will be updated shortly. Please be patient whilst the new GameSpot is built!

This forum is considered a sanctuary for PC and Mac Gamers. Anti-PC and Mac game discussions will be moderated as a type of forum invasion. Keep your discussions about the games and those who play them. These rules are subject to change at any time.

PC & Mac Forum Rules

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- Illegal activities, such as admitting to requesting or admitting to piracy and defeating copy-protection will result in removal of privileges.

- No hardware specific discussions allowed. Use the Computer Hardware forum.

- Platform comparison discussions belong in the System Wars forum.

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Welcome to PC & Mac Games!

We hope you enjoy your time posting here and contributing to the community. Please be sure to abide by GameSpot's Terms of Use whilst posting in PC & Mac Games, as well as across the rest of the site.

I don't know if my PC/Mac will be able to run this game. Where should I post?

Feel free to create a new thread if you want to ask about system requirements, although such information is usually freely available on many other websites.

I want to share my Steam or Xfire ID with other users. Where?

You're looking for our wonderful Share your Steam/Xfire ID sticky; perfect for connecting and making friends with the rest of the PC community.

I want to show off the latest game I've been playing with a few screenshots. Can I?

You'd be looking for our absolutely HD What Were You Just Playing? sticky, a great place to chat about games and also post some screenshots for others to admire.

I want to chat about operating systems: Windows, OSX, Linux, etc. Where should I go?

Although not real PC hardware, operating system discussion still belongs in the Computer Hardware Discussion. Operating system questions or topics will almost always belong there.

I have questions about graphics/video cards. What should I do?

Again, the Computer Hardware Discussion is the forum for you. :)

I want to talk about gaming anti-virus software

You guessed it - Computer Hardware Discussion, as long as it is related to gaming. However, the CNET Forums might be better suited for software discussions not related to games.

I think the PC is better than Mac/Xbox360/PS3/Wii

If you want to compare the various merits or vices of platforms, you want System Wars. Do not start provocative threads to the effect of "PC gaming is the worst/is dying" or "360 is better than PC," since they are likely to be moderated as invading this forum.

None of these answer my question.

Oh really? Ask your question in the recent Terms of Use announcement discussion.