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#1 Posted by I-Am-Alive (25 posts) -

I recently finished the game, on Saturday. What a great title, it had its thrills, it had its action, and the story was good for me.

The in-game graphics were astounding, brilliantly put together from top to bottom.

Have you finished it or are you playing it?

What are your views on it?

And more excitingly, do you think there will be a 4th title? And what do you expect in it?

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#2 Posted by The_Gaming_Baby (6402 posts) -

If it sells well then there will be a 4th game

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#3 Posted by RoccoHout (1075 posts) -

Is there any news how much the game sold by now? Or an idea when we're gonna hear it? Hopefully its enough for more games.

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#4 Posted by Elann2008 (33028 posts) -
I'm such an OCD-freak.. I have been annoyed by the kinesis door sound bug. I've been trying to ignore it but hopefully they bring some sort of patch to fix some issues. Any news on an update any time soon?
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#5 Posted by deactivated-59b71619573a1 (38222 posts) -

I liked it, not the best DS game but still a solid experience. Well, except for the backtracking and having to watch those CG compressed mini movies when fast travelling, and the rapelling towards the end. Overall it was good.

Best visuals in the series and the Audio deserves an award

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#6 Posted by nutcrackr (13029 posts) -
It was decent, although the single player was hurt a little bit because of the integrated co-op. On the upside, the co-op is actually pretty good and opens up a few neat ideas that they could have pushed further. Not sure how well it's selling but the lower metacritic scores would probably be hurting it. I still look forward to awakened DLC, assuming it comes to PC
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#7 Posted by with_teeth26 (8452 posts) -

It isn't nearly as intense or memorable as the first two games but its a solid experience nonetheless. I just wish more of the game had taken place on the derelict space ships rather than on the ice planet. 

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#8 Posted by KABCOOL (1147 posts) -

Do you need to play the previous two before playing DS3?

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#9 Posted by nutcrackr (13029 posts) -

Do you need to play the previous two before playing DS3?

I would recommend it, especially when they are the better games.
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#10 Posted by silversix_ (26347 posts) -
Im at chapter 18 or 19 where you're running in a straight line and fog (or wtf ever) devours everything behind and when i reached this place i just stopped playing... The game is good from chapter 3 to 13-14, the rest suck ballz.