File Explorer (W10) search has started finding ZIP/archive contents, which is annoying.

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It makes searching for specific files in my collections much, MUCH slower. I've tried deleting the two keys for .ZIP support in regedit, but it keeps telling me that they can't be deleted, even if I run regedit as admin. Any other way to accomplish this? I want Windows search to find ZIP files, but not all the files inside the ZIP files. That's how it always used to work until very recently.

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Things work just fine for me on Windows 10.

I opened a file explorer window and in the search bar in the upper right I entered in:


It pulled up and showed only the .zip files themselves. I don't have many on my work computer, but it showed 22 total .zip files.

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The most annoying thing widnows search will ever do has to be when searching for programs in the Start Menu.

Start Typing.... "Discor"

Programs Found: Discord

Finish Typing.... "Discord"

Programs Found: Fucking Nothing. Not a damn thing. Screw you, Windows.

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No one has any suggestions?