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Hello, I'm trying to install Fedora 18 Alpha onto my laptop. Yes, I am making it a dual-boot with Windows 7 64bit.

I emptied a partition and gave it a suitable amount of memory (45+ GB); but when I went to the setup for Fedora and got to the part where you chose the drive, there was only one option avalable. That option had an unrecognizable name and had the same amount of memory as the entire computer, but when I looked at the free space, it had the same amount of free space as the partition I opened up.

The installer then encountered a bug before once i hit continue and I had to exit installation. Nothing was harmed on my computer

I was thinking I would go to those who are smarter than me. Is that the same partition as the empty one I freed up? Or is that my Entire HDD (which should have 165+GB free)?

Thanks :)

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Yeah I don't like how they changed the installation menus, it's too simplified now, anyway if its the same size as the partition you emptied and you have no others of similar size then yeah it's the one you emptied. You're better deleting the partition so that you have 45Gb of unallocated space then you know for sure you aren't going to eat up anything by accident, If I remember correctly when I did this I choose an option something like "Install on hard drive free space" or something like that and it did it all fine.