FantasizeLAN #3 [VIC] Big Prizes!

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 FantasizeLAN #3 Supporters:    Location: 514 Mt Dandenong Road, Kilsyth, Melbourne Victoria Dates: December 1st - 2nd Entry: $25 Current Sponsoring Teams Team Immunity  Call Of Duty 4 Competition: (Due to not many of our attendees playing CSS) Double Elimination Promod SND 5v5 Prizes will be 5 x Steel Series Headsets + Cash depending on how many people attend, The more teams, the bigger the prizes. E.G. if 10 teams attend : 1st Place 600$ 2nd Place 200$ E.G. if 15 teams attend: 1st Place 900$ 2nd Place 400$ Maps: Crash Strike Crossfire CityStreets Backlot_fix Cluster   Other Competitions: Counterstrike Source CS:GO Age Of Empires III Flat Out 2 Minecraft LAN Build Off Minecraft MAZE Competition UT3 DeathMatch Funcomps: Soldat Worms Altitude !!! NEW !!! Console Competitions Super Smash Brothers Mario Kart Guitar Hero AFK Comps: HDD Throwing Comp Donut Eating Comp EVEN MORE TO COME!!! What to bring? Warm clothes Sleeping bag and pillow if you wish to sleep at the event. Power board LAN cable (10m is the best option because you don't know where exactly the switches will be) Computer Headphones Keyboard Mouse Monitor Food and drinks We will be supplying chairs, But if you don't like our chairs you're free to bring your own. Register on our website for more information and to sign up for the events! Like us on FACEBOOK!
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On the wrong side of the country yo