Fable: The Lost Chapters - How to edit your age

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if your like me you hate the fact that when you are completely upgraded in fable you get old.

i know it's an older game but i know some people would like to know how to change you age in Fable: the lost chapters.

Note: This works best if you start a new game because you must be able to upgrade your skill or will power. If you've maxed all of your skills then this won't work.

step 1: download and install CheatEngine by clicking here.

step 2: run game and load your saved game or start a new one.

step 3: minimize your game by pressing the windows button or holding Alt and pressing Tab.

step 4: open cheatengine and click the "process list" button on the top left of the window.

step 5: select "fable.exe" at the bottom of the list.

step 6: type your current age in the "value" field.

step 7: change the "value type" from "4 bytes" to "Float" and click First Scan. it will take a few seconds to scan.

step 8: maximize the game and go to the experience upgrading thing opposite to the cullis gate in the hero's guild.

step 9: upgrade a will power and exit the upgrading thing.

step 10: check your age and minimize your game again.

step 11: enter you new age in the "value" field and click NEXT SCAN.

step 12: repeat steps 8 through 11 until you only have one address in the box on the right in the cheatengine window.

step 13: double click the address in the box. it will move the address to the bottom box. double click the value of the address you just moved and change it to 21. (or whatever you want you age to be)

Final step: upgrade a will power again and then teleport yourself somewhere and you should look younger.

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It worked! Thank you!!

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before cheat engine, i used to use the fable tlc editor or something..it was hard work..T_T
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Nice ^^ I just gave money to the church