Expecting New and Powerful Gaming Laptop for 3A games, any suggestion Model or Brand?

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Hi, I save up a year to get a laptop, and finally the Computex is coming!

I don't want to fight the PC with my Borther. Gaming laptop is my dream!

would you let me know your suggestion for gaming laptop Model or Brand?

i like the LED ligth that is so cool in Lan Party.

Need powerful performance. i play a lot of game, my fever is total war and Men of war.

by the way, i am expecting Three Kingdoms.

Let me know you suggestion, thank you.

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@MonsieurX: about budget : i think around 3,000 USD.

about country, i can buy it from Amazon in US.

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Since u have the money, Razer Blade Pro 17. Starts at around $2,499.