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Yesterday morning, I logged onto my Toshiba Satellite laptop just to check my hotmail and Facebook. When I turned it off, it went to an update so I just left it. When I got home an tried to log on, I got this error telling me Windows Explorer couldn't start along with a couple other most likely related apps. Then the screen is just black and all my restore points were deleted for some reason. I can still access task manager, which is the reason why I was able to get onto Firefox to look for a fix. I was up will 6 last night and found absolutely nothing to help me. So I'm turning to one of my favorite boards on the internet! :D Anyone have any ideas?

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Try typing in task manager > run > sfc /scannow Also, try removing everything from the start up menu in msconfig or better yet disabling them with crap cleaner. If that doesn't work try installing service pack 3 again. If all else fails do a repair install with your windows CD. Also, remember: giyf