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I want to record 720P or 1080P gameplay footage from both my PS4 and PC. I plan on making video game walkthroughs for my YouTube channel. My budget is $130.00. What do you guys recommend?

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Someone help me.

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Just for the record(huehehehehe),you don't need a capture card for PC footage.

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@MonsieurX: I already knew that, but software recorders cause performance deficits. I have FRAPS and it's terrible.

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Get a capture card of you have a spare PC to put it in.

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#6 Posted by PredatorRules (11944 posts) - either this or BlackMagic

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I almost own the same one from above and its good.... the one I own isnt made anymore but I think its likely the same. I'm not sure if u can capture HDCP protected content in HDMI. My old version I could if I used certain drivers and loaded the program and minimized it then used virtual dub, but I have no idea if u could capture HDCP content with this hardware version, so i can't say. But video game output shouldn't be HDCP i wouldnt think anyways.

And as you can see it accepts input from hdmi, component, svideo and composite even.

the drivers i used for mine were the AverMedia H727 PCIe Hybrid DVBT HDMI Capture Driver from 2010-03-22 if you are wondering.