Dual Channel, and yet not?

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My friend is lookin to buy some RAM, and he would prefer it to be dual channel and good for OCing. He's looking at

OCZ PC2-5400 1GB DDR2-667 CL5-5-5-15 240PIN DIMM Memory

This doesnt say ANYTHING about it being Dual-Channel what so ever, how ever there are people that told him that you can dual-channel even if it doesnt say it is. Is that true?
And here is the exact same ram, but in dual channel.

  OCZ Value Series PC2-5400 1GB 2X512MB DDR2-667 CL5-5-5-15 240PIN DIMM Dual Channel Memory Kit

I find it strange that there it does say its dual-channel and in the other it doesnt, can anyone clear this up? Once again, we want to know if you can Dual Channel that 1gb DDR2 ram. Its just strange that if you would be able to, why wouldnt it say it?
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It doesn't say anything about dualchannel is because you are buying the sticks individually.
If it was a 2x1gb kit, it would have dualchannel in the specs.
It will most likely, 99% chance, work in dual channel, if he buys two sticks.
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Dual channel means having two memory modules of the exact same type running in sync with each other.  Getting a dual-channel kit means having two identical memory modules.  If it's not a kit, you'll need to have an order for two of the same type of memory to do the same.
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OHH okay, so you can pretty much dual channel anything as long as its the same sticks. Thanks!