Dragon age ultimate serial code

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Not sure if this is the right place but I have bought the above named and the serial code supplied is too short four sets of code on the manual but the game requires 5. Ive tried contacting ea/origin several times and either get told they don't know what im talking about and even told I was making it up? After several more failed attempts I gave up and returned the game which was a battle in itself. But anyone thinking of buying it as its only now £4.99 for all add-ons as well as the game don't buy it from game stores as its them that seem to have the dodgy batch but are still selling them.

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The game on Origin itself cost 10 Euros for standart edition, Deluxe editon is 25 Euros.

I don't know from where you bought original CD but you've been ripped off.

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Are you sure that it's an Origin code? Try Steam and uPlay...

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I paid 5 pounds from gamestation, delivered to my door, but because I used my points, I got it absolutely free of charge.

Mine activated on Origin.

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