Don't buy Day One: Garry's Incident! Here's why:

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If you're considering buying the game Day One: Garry's Incident, then don't! Long story short, these developers are abusing the copyright infringement claims on Youtube and taking down any videos that negatively criticize their game. Total Biscuit's video has recently been removed from Youtube and he just uploaded another video explaining the incident. I encourage you go and watch his video.

The official forums and Steam forums are going crazy right now; the devs are deleting any posts that criticize them, even on Facebook. There is even a petition on to request Valve to remove Day One: Garry's Incident from Steam. LOL

Can't imagine how Wild Games Studio will rebound from this.

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That's disgraceful. They deserve all the hate they are getting for this. Censoring bad reviews, what a lame move.

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Such a stupid move. If they hadn't done all this censorship they'd just be another developer of a shitty green light game, perfectly capable of future successes. Now they've tarnished their brand beyond all hope I'd imagine.

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Pretty damn funny.

An attempt to bury a bad review of their game has resulted in a 0.5 (and still falling) score on Metacritic).

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Even if you remove the ethics of censoring criticism, it makes no sense to go after one of the bigger YouTube personalities. Did they really think he wouldn't retaliate? Any damage Totalbiscuit's original WTF had done to their image is dwarfed by the controversy of them censoring his original video and now several gaming news organizations have picked up the story. The game has pretty much been blacklisted by significant amount of gamers on the Internet now. The developers just made their situation a heck lot worse.

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Don't they realize by trying to censor reviews they only brought more negative attention to them selves.

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I've seen worse games but still that doesn't make me wanna go play it again, I've played it for a 15 min and erased it

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Thanks for sharing. Everyone should know when things like this happen. Bury the game and developer under a flood of low scores the same way they're trying to bury criticism.

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This needs to be watched by everyone..

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They really think they could stop the internet? Word of mouth spreads like wildfire.

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It was a crappy game anyway. Glad that they are getting so much flack for doing this.

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and it not like steam gonna close it for being preventing negative review or metacritic it will be just like a Bad Case of Infestation Survivor Story I certainly won't support a studio that behave like this even if it was 90% OFF i wonder what could they do at this point for redeem there sin and make us change our idea ? probably nothing... Game over :D

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@PredatorRules said:

I've seen worse games but still that doesn't make me wanna go play it again, I've played it for a 15 min and erased it

You can't erase it. It'll be on your steam list for all of eternity :'(