Does the witcher 2 naively support the dual shock 3?

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Was checking out the key bindings to change the graphics options and I notice the square/triangle/cross/circle prompts. Can anyone confirm if the game can be play with the ds3 without using motionjoy?

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I am not sure but I have seen some posts where people said they play witcher with ds3 and I am getting a ds 3 too. But try using motionjoy because it might not work.

EDIT: Just found it online and it said that motionjoy is required.

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The PC doesn't natively support the DS3. So no, not a single game on PC does, either.

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The Ps3 controller sucks anyways.

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Why would it suck? I am buying ds3 for pc/Phone gaming

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There is no native support for the DS3. Another option would be to download x360ce. No motionjoy required.