Does Steam Use Up A Lot Of Internet Usage ???

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? well
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No, and u can also play the games offline....if your lookign to get the 1$ halflife I did and its definitly worth it. It turns out theres quite a few poeple playing the mutliplayer which is surprisingly good compared to some of the modern day mutliplayer games.
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I just got it too, oh what I've missed out on...

I hate how late in my childhood I got into gaming, I missed so many classics and it just isn't the same to go play them now. The only real classic I played back in the day was pokemon blue...

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If you're downloading patches to your games, its going to use your full download speed. When just idling though, it doesnt take up much.
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For me it seems to adjust DL speeds depending on whether I'm downloading anything else.
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Tbh, no. Plus, you can always run in offline mode.