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I decided to make a thread for this game as it's my impression it's under the radar of a lot of gamers here. The question you are probably asking is, why should I care about this game?

For starters, let's talk about the first game, Divine Divinity. On the surface it's looks like any other Diablo clone...and in basic play it kinda is. Here is the kicker, the game actually bosted a large, explorable world with gasp!...actual RPG interactions and questing. While the mechanics of your basic diablo clone were there (tons of loot, custimzable classes, lots of skills and attributes to min/max), it was additionally complimented with a fleshed out world full of NPC's with their own agendas. There were moral choices to make, and different ways to accomplish quests.

And while it may not have been a graphical powerhouse (even when released), it boasted some really fantastic art direction. So many little details really drew you into the world.



Divine Divinity 2 appears to be in large part picking up where the series left off. Traditional RPG strappings like a big open world with lots of questing, NPCs, choices to make, as well as it's more diablo-ish origins with tons of armors, weapons, items, crafting, combat, and chracter custimization. Additionally, new features are being added such as a dragon persona for the main character, which you can transform into. The dragon has it's own set of abilities, as well as items to equip.

Among the most exciting new features (at least for me), is the Battle Tower. This is essentially a tower the player must capture (at some point in the game) and will then claim it as their own. It functions a lot like the fortress in NWN2, in that it essentially becomes your new base of operations. Services that you once had to find spread across the land, are now centralized. Additionally, the tower has upgradable sections that increase the quality of services provided. You can also man NPC's to the sections, and you will have a choice of which NPC's to use with their own specializations. Already listed as services are enchantment, alchemy, skill trainer, portal stones, and a necromcer (allows you to piece together a minion from pieces of fallen enemies). A few features are pretty unique as well, such as "runners" which are NPC's that can be tasked to find various ingedients and formulas for you (with chance to fail).

The game will be powered by the Gamebryo engine (Oblivion, Gothic 3), it will not however be 1st person perspective. It will uitilize 3rd person and can be zoomed out to imitate a sorta isometric view.

The game (from what I can tell) is slated for a september release and looks like it is really shaping up. Most of the information I got for this post is from either the main website or the fansite:

Anyways, here are some pics to give you an idea of what the new game will look like:

dd2 1

dd2 2

dd 3

dd 3

dd 5

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Looks pretty freakin sweet.

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THANX! dnuggs I have been wanting to see this game but never got the time...looks brilliant, first one was brilliant but was thriggin hard at the end...still I really enjoyed playing it and I hope this one will be even better. I wonder what the story will be.
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I think this gives some clues to the story (from fansite)

Divinity II brings you back once more to Rivellon, a timeless world of awe and magic, torn and scarred by successions of apocalyptic wars. What the peace-loving people of the land did to deserve such terrible calamity, not even the gods can tell, but as any of their warlords will snidely say, the time to wonder and question quickly vanishes when the Lord of Chaos is slaughtering your kin, burning your cities and sowing the onetime fertile soil with salt. Twice this incarnation of evil burst forth from its hellish dimension to wade in valiant blood against the blackened sky, and twice Rivellon's defenders would not back down despite appalling losses. Still, victory brought no relief, for they knew that some day, the demon would be back.

And back he'd be, sooner than anyone could have anticipated, because, as is so often the case, evil festered from within: humans, loyal to the Damned Hordes, sought not only to ensure the return of their dark master, but to give his demonic form human semblance, so that rather than to destroy Rivellon, he would come to rule her. This group, known as the Black Ring, were close to achieving their goal and would doubtlessly have succeeded had it not been for both the tireless vigilance of the wizard Zandalor and the startling fate of an unsung adventurer. The stranger, guided as he was by the benevolent mage, exposed the Black Ring's sinister schemes and when the time came willingly underwent a daring ritual that infused this mortal champion with the powers of the gods, and so the Divine was born.

Leaving but grim corpses in his wake, the avatar of light followed the enemy to its stronghold, nestled deep beneath the wastes of Yuthul Gor, where he stalked and killed every Black Ring elder until finally he and their diabolic leader, the Demon of Lies, stood snout to face. The fiend smiled and told the Divine he was too late: the transfer was complete and the Lord of Chaos would walk again. Indeed, behind him, on a large altar lay a newborn infant, a shell of innocence around a soul of utter corruption. The Divine's sword saw the Demon dead, but despite being able to put an end to the vast plague that had almost brought Rivellon to her knees, he could not bring himself to kill the child.

He named him Damian and for years the Damned One, unaware of the terrible forces that brimmed beneath his boyish exterior, grew up under the Divine's tutelage. That was until he met Ygerna. Sent to seduce Damian by her father, the Black Ring Necromancer Kalin, she befriended the young man, who was instantly infatuated with her. Not only did she return his affections, but also his long slumbering powers. They practiced innocent spells at first, but later on more sinister magic, rarer incantations, and, most dangerous of all, they unravelled forbidden knowledge. For some time, Damian's Divine foster parent was blissfully oblivious of Ygerna's ominous influence on his son, until evidence connected her to Kalin, whom he recently executed. When questioned she confessed that she supported his rotten stratagems, the most important of these being the renascence of Damian's dark, dormant powers.

After hearing such hideous testimony, the Divine had no choice but to execute Ygerna in turn: the Black Ring never enjoys clemency, whatever the circumstances. Under the eyes of the wise, but worry-plagued Zandalor and an assortment of elite Paladins, the Divine's sword severed Ygerna's head from her body, and at that prophetic moment, while Ygerna's blood was still claiming more territory on the floor, Damian entered and gave voice to a spell that utterly stunned even the mighty wizard: the spell of Soul Forging. Before anyone could react, Damian turned back and seemingly disappeared. The Divine knew his son would from then on be his greatest foe and understood that Damian had already realised a great deal of his black potential: he who can Soul Forge, is a stupendous adversary indeed. The Damned One walked again.

As the Divine and Damian gathered their armies, Zandalor contemplated the repercussions of Damian's acts. A Soul Forge is an exceptional enough event in its own right; a Soul Forge with a soul as it dwells amidst the few fragments of time between life and death, is unprecedented. Uncertain of the consequences for either him or Damian, Zandalor entrusts Ygerna's body to the care of Deodatus the Embalmer, forgoing the usual ritual burning of Black Ring corpses.

Within days of these events, the Black Ring and Paladins clashed. Damian though, had eye for the Divine only: he would show him the same kindness he had shown Ygerna. What he did not know, is that the Divine was ready for him. He would lure his son to a recently discovered Rift Temple and, if all went according to plan, banish him to another dimension. Blinded as he was by his all-consuming wrath, Damian didn't realise he was being drawn into a trap and soon he was locked away in shadow haunted Nemesis. The Divine returned to Rivellon, glad that the threat his foster son posed was eliminated, yet strangely mournful because he realised that despite the evil that had taken hold of him, Damian's spur-of-the-moment Soul Forge was essentially an act of love.

The Damned One however, made the best of his situation in Nemesis. He bode his time, grew in stature and power, until he did what most thought could not be done: he broke free from his prison dimension and initially overran the surprised Rivellonian forces. His thoughts were still wholly focused on one thing: to destroy the Divine and so revenge Ygerna. The war changed the face of Rivellon: for years it raged and one catastrophic event follows the other. Where once there were mountains are flat, scorched plains and picturesque farmlands were pushed up and turned into jagged cliffs. Nevertheless mankind faced its infernal foes with remarkable courage and tenaciousness. A decisive reason for their stubborn optimism was the new forged alliance between the Divine and the rare, but immensely powerful Dragon Knights, the last and elusive proponents of dragon magic in the demon-swept realms.

Throughout the climactic battle, the scales of victory could have tipped either way. But then the unthinkable happened: one of the Dragon Knights betrayed and slew the unsuspecting Divine. During the confusion that ensued, the Paladins started to fight dragon and demon alike. It was Zandalor who rallied the troops and narrowly avoided disaster. Damian, who had already lost much of his forces and had seen his revenge materialised, ordered his army to abandon the battlefield. His dominion over Rivellon could wait. And besides, he had other things on his mind.

After the bitter stalemate that resulted, both sides took the time to lick their wounds and mankind prepared for yet another war. When this war did not take place after a year and not even after a decade, the good people of Rivellon were convinced Damian no longer posed a significant threat and started to relax and rebuild their lives. Now, as half a century has passed, the Damned One still has a more than frightful reputation, but is regarded as a distant threat at best. They could not have been more wrong...

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My God this game will rock. Too bad I never played the first though. Im not a graphics whore, so is the game still worth playing? If so, where can I find it?
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In my opinion it is still very worth playing. While the graphics technically are not amazing, the art style and attention to detail still makes it visually appealing. As far as where to purchase it, Amazon of course: Not sure if there is anyplace to purchase online and download it though...
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Yeh I am really looking forward to it...if it gets a demo I think I will download it...I still remember when I played the first one for the first time, it was a little slow to start off but when you got going in the game it was brilliant...and then you get to the end and GOD its bloody hard. .......damn, I hope my computer can handle this...well if not I will just ask my chinese friend to get it, his computer can handle any bloody thing.
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Well it's built on the gamebryo engine, so my guess it will scale well...
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It's also coming on x360 and ps3. That mean the game is in danger ;)
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Nah, it's fine.
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I have the first Divine Divinity. That would be sweet if this game came to fruition.

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It's scheduled for 2009 release, so unless something catastrophic happens we should be playing later this year.
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It's also coming on x360 and ps3. That mean the game is in danger ;)Franko_3
WHAT!!! ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS!? I didn't have a clue. I can't wait to see this game...thank god its sceduled for 2009...still probably won't come till end of the year.
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Loved the first one, come to think of it....I was pretty far (desert, last dungeon I believe) and I quit.......the game was simply amazing up until then, but the desert pretty much boiled down to hacking down hordes of enemies, doesn't help much when your character is way overpowered either (no cheats either :S) A great game which masterfully combined RPG and Action RPG elements, great atmosphere and pretty good story too. Looking forward to 2, any word on when it's coming? Not this week please, too many stuff to play already. :D
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Always wanted to try this game....since 2002 but never had the time for it. Heard so many good stuffs for it... I hope websites like pick it up coz I will definitely purchase it asap!
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Nice thread. I'm looking forward to this one.

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I 'm really excited about this.We wait to see how the Xbox release wiil affect the PC release.

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They said both games on their respective system will have different interfaces and things like that...personally I don't think it will make any difference.
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Same here...I think they know what they are doing...lets just hope cause it looks sick...and if anything like the old will be great.
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The name is more than enough for me to buy this game. I simply loved the first one and I was so impressed by some things in the game that they simply can't screw up with the second part.

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Looks interesting.

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dnuggs, thanks for posting this thread.

Ive been playing RPGS for over 20 years and Divine Divinity is one of my all time favorites.

It really doesnt get enough credit from rpg fans imo.

Its the best Diablo style game imo. The story is amazing, the comabt is fun, the world is big, characters are interesting and the art/graphics are great.

Everyone who even remotely likes RPGS should try the first one out!

As for Divine Divinity2, its my most anticipated game this year (yes wierdi know hehe). Like i said above, I loved Divine Divinity (even Beyond Divinity was good, just not nearly as good as divine divinity) and cant wait for the new one!!

Recently picked up Beyond Divinity from amazon and its fun to, but as i said above, its not nearly as good as divine divinity. But i missed it when it came out and picked it up for cheap. I suggest anyone who is going to get Divine Divinity 2, go out and buy Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity to play before Divine Divinity 2!

Very underrated rpg!!!!!

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Yeah...I hate to see games like this fly under the radar.
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This question is tangentially related: Has anyone here played Beyond Divinity, the follow up to Divine Divinity? Just curious as to whether it was any good.

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I never did, but I hear it's not as good as the first.