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I'm excited about this. The game is quite dated now, but it remains the most atmospheric of them. I think it's still my favorite, even if I'd rather play Diablo II for its many QoL improvments and larger scale.

Never thought I'd see Blizzard go DRM free, but I think it's hard for these companies to resist with their ancient titles. They know they'll get more sales

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Hope this gives GOG abit of a boost.

In an ideal world stuff like the Saturn catalogue and a bunch of PS1 would be ported. Stuff nobody cares about now, but would be ideal for GOG.

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Oops! I should have check here in PC/Mac forum and I also posted this in SW. Sorry about that.

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I was just about to post this too lol.

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Still have my CD and Hellfire as well

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My favorite of the series would be D2 followed very closely by D1 and in a very distant third D3.

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