DeusEx Revision Mod

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Any idea why my Deus Ex can't get to the game play part?

I can get it to start up and open all the main menu items. But, when I'm in the "Start new game" screen and select "Start new game" Deux Ex just restarts! It takes me right back "Ion storm" and "Eidos Interactive" splash screens.

Do you know what I might be doing wrong? I upgraded my Deus Ex to 1.112 with Deus Exe. I loaded the stand alone Revision download and copied the new Exe file and put it in the Revision System folder and renamed it like I'm supposed to. Finally, I checked the Configure and Data Directories in the Launcher and everything is like it's supposed to be...

Generally speaking, I believe, this is all I have to do. If you can point me somewhere where I can find a solution I'd really appreciate it.

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Try enabling compatibility mode and run as administrator. If that doesn't work try searching with search engine. Odds are you aren't the only one having the issue.

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Yes enable compatibility mode and run as administrator.