Democracy 3 not launching at all

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#1 Mickeyminime
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I haven't played the game in a while, most likely a year or more i guess. However, i tried getting it to run and it just wont launch.

I've tried verify game files uninstall, reinstall. Clear cache, repair steam library, run as administraitor, compatibility mode and even a new tactic i've never heard before. Copy/paste files in to another folder, uninstall the game, reinstall it but force quit steam so it restarts. Paste the files back in to the new folder that was downloading and let it re-download the files on top of the files you paste back in the folder. I've also removed every mod i had connected to the game as well and updated the graphics card.

Has anyone else had any issues like this before. I've never known a game to not work in anyway like this before.

Any help or info would be great.