Dead space 3 vs Dead space 2?

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What do you guys think Dead Space 3 or 2?
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I'm only on chapter 9 of Dead Space 3, so far its a great game but lacks the awesome horror atmosphere the previous titles had.


Dead Space 2 was fun, especially at the beginning when the game was somewhat scary. The second half of the game became more boring trough, hopefully this wont be the case with Dead Space 3.


Dead Space 1 is still the best

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Dead Space 2 is better.

The best game in the franchise is the original Dead Space. If you haven't got that one, you must get it before anything in the series!

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Well, you should play all of them in order. Dead Space 2 has the best of both worlds combination of atmosphere, horror, and action. Dead Space 3 tried too hard but it wasn't a bad experience by any means.

  • Dead Space 1 = best feeling of dread, desolation, and atmosphere.
  • Dead Space 2 = better port than 1, retains the atmosphere, but it has more action segments.
  • Dead Space 3 = probably the best port of the series, but too much action, no jump scares, enemies are too predictable, and the game is incredibly easy even on "impossible" mode. Makes better use of lighting and shadows than the other games but lacks the atmosphere to help make it really shine.
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DS2 is great, DS3 is pretty good.
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Dead space series is just another over hyped game series like most of the games coming out these days. 99% of all games these days are over hyped
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Dead Space 3 lost its touch vs Dead space 1 and 2. Original Dead Space >> 2 >>>>>>>>>>3 imho. This franchise was one of my favorite but DS 3 felt short to my expectations. My opinion