Dead Island Riptide? Lol, what did you guys think?

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Oh man, Dead Island Riptide.... I honestly felt that Dead Island Riptide was more like a beefed up DLC rather than a full fledged sequel. In my opinion, the bugs/glitches/etc held the game back from its full potential, but I thought it was rather enjoyable. Especially for those who enjoyed the first game. 

Here's my take on the game :).

What did you guys think about the game?

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dead island was cool game. Anyways they should sold riptide more of a expansion. $30ish
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I think the problem with this game has been that most people consider it to be a sequel when techland themselves came out and said it was basically an expansion long ago hence its not named dead island 2. The timing and advertising for it didnt help i guess but i personally consider it and judging by that basis id say its still a good but not amazing game. If your treating it as a sequel though its def bad because its the first game basically.

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Hmm, nice cheat with that IGN tag on your video TS ;)  But if you want to see a gameplay video of dead island go to

Since we are boosting our channels here ;)

But despite the many many many many many bugs in Dead Island Riptide and its almost no change from the orginal, its a fun co-op game like Left 4 Dead 

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Lol xD. Channel boosting? Hahaha :P. 

I wonder what gamespot's policy is on posting your own youtube videos here? I know I've posted a lets play on here before, and they considered it blatant advertising. But would the same thing apply to a game review? Well only time will tell hahaha xD. Plus I am really curious about your guy's opinion on the game.