Dawn of War II installation error

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So I'm trying to install Dawn of War II from the disk on my new Windows 8 laptop and I keep on getting the message "Installation of the game failed to complete. Please try again". This happened three times and I found a page on the Steam support site that says to try and right click the Steam shortcut on the desktop and select "Properties", then in the target box add "-install d:" to the end. However i tried this several times and it keeps on saying the target is not valid.

Any one who has had this problem that can help me?


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can you try installing it through steam instead? you must have added it to steam, otherwise you wouldn't have a steam shortcut.

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I could but it says it could take 8 hours to download. I'll try it and I'll see if I have the same problem.

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Well that target thing is looking for a D: drive which i assume you don't have. You could try replacing d: with c:

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@kraken2109: My D: drive is my disc drive and that should be what I need to be entering.

Anyway I installed it through Steam and it installed fine, however when I try to run it it says that it is performing first time setup and it gets to the third step, but then it just stops and nothing happens afterwards. Could this be a compatibility issue? Has anyone been able to get DOW2 to work with Windows 8.1?