Dawn of war dark crusade: tyranid mod

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#1 Posted by bxdrelicman (25 posts) -
so, i installed the tyranid mod for dow dc, and i dont know where to put it in, wat folder do i put it in.
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#2 Posted by Shadowhawk000 (3453 posts) -
It should have a Readme file telling you where to put it..
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ive read the readme, all it said was " +HOW DO I INSTALL IT?+ Simple run the installer! It should locate your DoW folder and automatically install into the right place. It doesn't overwrite 0.3 either, so you can still play the older version if you so choose!" and it dont already have a foler when i install it, so i dont know where to do it HELP
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help me ive installed both tyranid mod and mobolize for war mos but it showed nothing on the game manager so i found out about 2 offical mods to help get them on called version 1.1 and 1.2 but when and try to install them it says dawn of war dark crusade isnt installed like wtf?????????????????

please reply to this