Configuring CROSSFIRE, help (please)

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I'm trying to set up my crossfire configurations to run properly (6720g2 || 6520g + 6650m) - I've downloaded the Catalyst Application Profile and several monitoring programs (GPU-Z, Sapphire Trixx, MSI Afterburner), though my knowledge of them is limited. For now, I do not wish to OC. From what I've read, Crossfire functioning or not varies wildly depending on which game you are trying to play - proof of this being how well some games ran with it (~35 - 40 FPS w/ Metro2033@High; ~45 - 50 FPS w/ DeusEx:HR@High) and how poorly others did (~15 - 20 FPS in XFire with The Witcher 2, second GPU shows no usage at all!). The questions...

1) Are there any tips to increase XFire performance in general? Something to tinker with in CCC or another program, such as Radeon Pro (more on this later)?

2) A few games, when in XFire, show either GPU running at sub-100% conditions - without FPS being capped. CPU does not seem to be bottlenecking, either. I don't know whether this is relevant, but when this happens the GPU load (for the 6650m) is usually in the 50 - 60% range. I tried disabling ULPS, but it didn't alter anything (changed values in regedit of all 'EnableULPS' to '0', haven't noticed a change). What's causing this reduction in performance?

3) The Witcher 2 is a game I'd very much like to play with XFire, and the most recommended course of action is to use Radeon Pro and force the Dirt2 Profile. TW2, however, is a Steam game that runs from a launcher - how do I path it correctly so the game runs from Radeon Pro WITH the specified settings? More generally, do you know a Witcher 2 fix for Xfire (I don't think AMD has released a proper profile for it).

4) Is there a way to, in general, force the use (in a functioning way) of Crossfire in games?

Thanks in advance! My desktop has a single NVidia GTX 580, so I'm unnacostumed to AMD's drivers AND to crossfire. I've been pouring through pages and pages of guides and forums, and have progressed slightly, but I'd like to consult your knowledge to see if anyone knows anything else.