Civilization IV help (mac)

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I've gotten a Dan Quayle rating all but two of the dozens of times I've beaten Civilization IV and those times I was Ethelred the Undready and Warren G. Harding.You know, the bottom three.

Also, I've tried every single cheat code on this site listed for Civ. IV and I can't get any of them to work. I've followed the instructions listed to a T and nothing happens. I open the console and then "game.toggledebugmode", just like the instructions say. Then, I'm supposed to be able to do commands such as "ctrl +", "ctrl + 4", "shift +T", etc... and the only thing that happens is the "4" or "T", etc... shows up on the line where I just typed in "game.toggledebugmode". Even the "game.toggledebugmode" works sporadically. When it doesn't work at all, such as right now, I get a "NameError: name 'game' is not defined".

Any ideas?