City of Heroes vs DC Universe Online vs Champions Online

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Now that all 3 of these superhero MMOs have gone free to play, which do you think is the best and which would you recommend?

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City of Heroes has more of a focus on the powers and explosive effects. Lots of varied powersets. More team focused play. Very much a Tank, Healer, Damage holy trinity kind of game. Most of the missions are instanced DCU is more focused action. Less varied powers than the others but more of a focus on loot. The game is pretty short. The main attraction is the DC characters. There's a combination of instanced and open world missions. Champions is focused on specific builds. It's not quite as focused on the holy trinity kind of gameplay, and has more dynamic environments than either of the other two. The powers and abilities, however, are not nearly as superpowered and exciting. There's a combination of instanced and open-world, though most of them are open world. All three have a strong focus on grinding, like kill 10 Bush Monsters. For the pure easy to get into, jump in for 30 minutes nature of City of Heroes though, it's my favorite. Also the free COH gives you access to a lot more than the free Champions. Not sure ow DCU is going to stack up there.
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1. Champions Online, great builds, powers, quests and graphics. I wish I had picked up the lifetime sub at the launch.

2. DCUO, cheating PvP, bugs and terrible support in game and out. Different combat but low on powers and customization. A mess of an MMO...

3. City of Heroes, bland graphics and quests. Powers are ok but much prefer the NEWER champions Online.

DCUO and CoH tie for second place.

Champions Online Wins!

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DC Universe has better graphics than those two