Can't Install Steam

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I can not install steam at all. I have downloaded the program itself, but my computer blocks it from installing. I can get through the licencing agreements and such. The problem arises when I actual start the install. It just sits there for a good ten seconds with progress. Then the install suddenly stops and I get a message that I can not install because I do not have permission. This is where it gets perplexing. I have it set to administrator and I have all the permissions that it would allow except for special permission. I have Vista Ultimate. Can anyone help me.

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Have you disable UAC?
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Hes right

try disabling user account control


if im right going into "run"

type "msconfig"

 go into "tools"

find "disable user account control"

then "launch"

your comp may need a couple restarts but try installing it after that

And im positive this is how you disable it i just checked to make sure

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you could just go into the control panel->user accounts->turn off user account contrrol