Can We Talk About the Dead Space Series? *SPOILERS*

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So when Dead Space came out in 2008, I got it for Christmas for the 360 (didn't have a gaming PC) and I absolutely loved it. It was creepy, atmospheric, and had some really interesting gameplay with severing limbs (instead of headshots like 99% of shooters), Not to mention the awesome zero gravity elements. It was probably my favorite game that year and probably my favorite new IP of that generation.

Dead Space 2 was released and I disappointed by what I saw (didn't play it yet), it looked like they made it more actiony, gave our silent protagonist a voice. It was evident that they were trying to mass market this franchise as well. I picked it up during a Amazon sale for free ($5 promo) like 2 years ago and only just now got to playing it last week (first world backlog problems). Man, how wrong was I. Yes, it was a little watered down from the original, but man what a fun game. I enjoyed every minute of it. When it ended, I wish it hadn't as I was just having that much fun. They still kept the atmosphere and had plenty of jump scares to keep me on my toes.

Now Dead Space 3 - I picked it up during the Origin Bundle and just finished it last night.... Man, now that was a disappointment. Issac Clarke is now hiding in cover shooting human baddies in a city? What a crap opening if I ever saw one. Thankfully, it did get a little better, but I can count on one hand the number of times I was creeped out where compared to the last two, I lost count. Not to mention, they made it the longest of the three games and they dragged out that campaign way too long. I had to force myself to finish it.

When I read that Dead Space 3 had poor sales, I'm now not surprised. These publishers feel the need to make every game target everyone and in the end, no one will like it. I really wish these publishers would watch this Jimquisition as it truly shows that you can't make one game for everybody. If you have 10 spare minutes, I'd encourage you to watch it.

It pains me to see my favorite IP of last generation come to this. What did you all think of the Dead Space series? I realize I guess I am late to the party - blame the backlog! :)

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I loved all three games, but have to say 3 was like a different genre. They really went Resident Evil on the series.

I think the first two had a great balance of scares and action...while a lot of the ideas of 3 were GREAT (making your own guns) those mechanics would have been better brought to a new ip.

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I've only played Dead Space 3. I played it in coop with a friend and while it was fun, it didn't feel like a horror game. I actually enjoyed the DLC Awakened much more than the campaign although it was very short.

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I don't think 3 was that bad, but it certainly did some silly things. Co-op was actually quite decent and they managed to included it without drastically hurting the single player. It's kinda sad that Dead Space will be put on hold for a few years, and who lknows what form it will return in. DS1 was a great surprise, 2 was a great sequel and 3 started to show cracks but I still enjoyed it.

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The games were fun, yes. Dead space 3 was disappointing, true, but wow, how about that ending!

We finally got the true reveal of what the heck the necromorphs area really about. I think My favorite part of the third game was when Clarke found out the truth about the "moon" orbiting Tau Volantis. His shock and reaction was really well done. The only negative about that reveal was just how the mediocre character development of the bad guy's (forgot his name).

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I blame EA and their ridiculous deadlines.They have ruined franchises, Dead Space, Crysis, Dragon Age and Mass Effect. They all have a lot in common, rushed and unfinished.