Can Somebody Help Me Stop This Weird Color Banding (HELP!)

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Okay, so i have a TV Monitor named Toshiba 32c120u. It's native resolution is 1360x768. I tend to upscale to 1920x1080 a lot, and it makes the image look very blurry and extremely sharp. When i put it to 1360x768 it looks crisp and good. Text are sharp and sexy, ya know. But my colors look off....... For some strange reason when i set my TV to its native resolution i lose ycbcr 4:4:4 from the radeon settings then when i switch back to 1080p it shows up. I only see RGB FULL when i'm on 1360x768, but my TV is limited what is going on please help.

First Picture:

I get weird banding when i use native resolution, when i upscale its smooth.

Second picture.

The girls face looks like she got attacked by Shrek. i'm starting to understand. when i use my native resolution i get terrible color banding. And the blacks are crushed, because i can't change Pixel Format to YCBCR 4:4:4

Third Picture:

1080p Upscale, no Banding Whatsoever, but looks extremely sharp and grainy. It may not look like it on camara, but the tv looks terrible when it upscales.

CONCLUSION: I need help to get my colors to not band. Please help me i wanna have crisp colors, and text. THX FOR READING!:)