Can I Use a Windows 7 Recovery Disk on a Windows XP Netbook? +

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So here's my situation.

I have an old Acer Aspire 1 netbook that had Windwos XP crash on it. The recovery disk for XP is on it's way. But, XP is so old, I was wondering if I could use the Windows 7 recovery disk that came with my current laptop. Would this work, or just cause further problems?

Also, if it would work, can I still use the Windows 7 recovery disk if something happens to my current laptop?

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Probably WON'T work since Recovery Disks are 99% of the time special disks made for that specific model. It's also a Netbook, and there's a reason why it has XP, cause it's probably not fast enough (requirements) for Windows 7. Best Advice: wait for the XP disc.
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You can probably use it to get a command prompt but you won't be able to do much else as XP and Windows 7 are pretty different.
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Unless your W7 recovery disc is some like Windows 7 Starter Edition (which is the most basic comperable version to XP b/c it the most stripped down and most newer model netbooks actually have that installed now over XP or Vista); I'd say 'No'. As others have stated netbooks aren't usually designed--hardware-wise--to W7 Premium or above. That and recovery disc tend to me 'OEM' specific to the maker of the system and the specifics for it.

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Alright, wait for the XP recovery it is. Thanks!