Call of Duty 2 key code

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Can you re-use the key code for Call of Duty 2? I want to buy one off ebay, (the game), but I want to make sure even if the key code has been used, I can still use it to play offline on my pc.
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#2 Posted by RichardStallman (1233 posts) -
You can play offline but not MP, if I'm not mistaken.
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#3 Posted by tnvolfire24 (25 posts) -
Does anyone have the key code for the PC game version? i bought the game on ebay and it came with the case and all the original cds but it looks like the booklet is missing that has the code. I cant install without it.
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#4 Posted by timma25 (1131 posts) -

Key code should be on the back of the cd case, the back of the manual or the last page of the manual. If it isn't the steam version you should be fine to go online however it does not need the cd to play online (so whoever sold it could be online and you would be blocked) single player should be fine. If it's the steam version your screwed.