Buying the region-locked Dark Souls: PTDE

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Hello people, J here with a question!

I'm looking into buying Dark Souls, but seeing as I don't live in Europe or the US (Middle Easterner here), the game is region-locked on Steam. Now, there's a method of activating a region-locked game on Steam, but this is a cumbersome procedure that I need to repeat whenever I want to play my game.
Looking at the official Dark Souls site, I see that the game requires a Steam account, and I can't buy it from Amazon or GameStop because the game is region-locked there as well.

Thing is - the game uses GFWL and is available on the Marketplace. I normally wouldn't want to buy there but, if it bypasses the Steam requirement, it seems like it's my only option. I haven't seen anything about a Steam requirement on the Marketplace page.

Can anyone confirm that buying the game from the GFWL Marketplace will grant me regular access to the game? I'm in a bit of a pickle here and really want to play this game!

Thanks in advance


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Steam's version is the only one that includes Steam. Boxed copies and direct from MS don't have it.

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Alright, thanks.