Bungie's split w/Activision....good or bad for PC gaming?

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(I have no idea, just trying to stir up things)

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Good for Bungie. Likely good for Destiny.

I'd say a good start to 2019.

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I hope more devs do this, this is good for gaming in general can't stand greedy publishers.

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Good! Mo' independent studios, mo' better!

@warmblur said:

I hope more devs do this, this is good for gaming in general can't stand greedy publishers.

Yup! Instead of sticking around with the publishers and then being subject to their whims--massive layoffs, shutdowns, etc--studios should negotiate a clause or whatever stipulating that after X amount of shipped product, they can revisit their partnership and decide of they want to remain with the publisher, or continue on their own.

I don't see many publishers doing this, though.

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if it makes Destiny less slimey, then it'll be good. same as for all platforms

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Look at Bungie's history when it made Mac and PC games. Most were self-published in the US.

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I don't know if they're planning on doing Destiny 3 but I'm sure now they can jump out of the formula and take some good risks rather than doing copy paste game.

Even if they won't end up teaming with strong publisher and rather take a kickstarter path to raise some money - I'm sure a lot of gamers would help them to make a better game.

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Well not even just for PC gaming, but for gaming in general it's probably good that Bungie is indie again.

God I wish Blizzard would break with Activision now.

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good. they can make decisions free of activision's input.