Best Scalable PC Games? (Graphics Settings)

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Here's a question for you guys. Which PC games in the past few years do you consider to have really good scalability for different hardware configurations? My votes would go the recent DOOM and Wolfenstein games. They can run on anything from a jet engine to a toaster. What are your picks?

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You got my vote with Doom. Plays well on anything and the Vulkan inclusion is great.

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GTAV very well optimized and tons of graphic settings.

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I agree with Doom. Seen benchmarks on this game often and its a smooth game on almost everything. I never played it myself however.

I haven't seen many benchmarks on MGS 5 Fox Engine, but when i played the game, i only had a 970gtx and was able to play it at 1440p ultrawide with settings on full and the thing ran insanely smooth, over 60fps and as high as 100fps. No microstutters, just smoothness. I haven't seen many big open world games handle as well as MGS5 did on my system.

Farcry 5 engine ran well for me as well, didn't see any fps stutters happen much if any.

Worst engine i ran this year had to be Shadow of Tombraider, had tons of slow downs, microstutters and fps dips. In towns i saw fps hit around 40-55fps (felt actually slow than this, felt like 20 fps). In other areas around 80-120fps. I only ran it in dx11, possibly the game was optimized for dx12 and maybe that would have made up the difference, who knows. Really bugs me to see a game like Tomb raider run so poorly and be such a small game world compared to MGS5 which ran effortlessly on my pc. The original 2013 Tombraider and Rise of Tombraider didn't stutter at all for me.

Current system:
32gb DDR3

Gonna have to upgrade cpu next year probably, it just doesnt have the power to brute force through badly optimized games engines any more.

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@Yams1980: I would actually recommend Shadow of the Tomb Raider in DX12. It's unlike other DX12 games in the fact that it actually gives you a 20+ FPS boost. The graphical fidelity is so high in that game, that it runs slower in DX11 because it's trying to fit everything it tries to do on a single CPU thread.

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How far back we going?

I still maintain that the Source engine is arguably one of the best optimized game engines of all time. It's only just now starting to show its age.

More recently, I'd wager Frostbite (Battlefield) is probably one of the best. Yeah if you turn it up all the way it will bog down even the mightiest of computers, but it scales incredibly well, and more importantly runs amazing on a modest rig; I've a Geforce 980 and I am playing it at high-ultra settings and getting 50+ FPS average.

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Lineage Classic is good for slow PC specs if you consider online games. Playing almost smooth gameplay during sieges on Skelth with 4gb of ram and i3 cpu.