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#1 Posted by CheddaBumpz (64 posts) -

i just received a new joystick for christmas, and was wondering what some of the best joystick driven games are?

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#2 Posted by somegtalover (2700 posts) -

my bro loves his joystick but he really only plays one game with it and its pretty old. he plays allegiance

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#3 Posted by Mograine (3666 posts) -

I think joystick nowadays are only used to play Fighting or Beat 'em up games.

I'm not really in this category so I can't really suggest a specific game, but you may look in the gamespot games list.

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#4 Posted by NoctisCaelum52 (1359 posts) -

Flight Simulator X

MechWarrior Series

EDIT : Also try Street Fighter IV, it's an awesome game.

And try to look on some Simulation games..

In the meantime, I'll try to look on some more games for ya.

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#5 Posted by flipin_jackass (9770 posts) -

Flight Simulator X

MechWarrior Series

Pretty much this. You can try other flight (or flight combat) sims. Look into maybe IL-2 Sturmovik for sim/combat. For pure combat, try HAWX. I didn't like HAWX, but many people did so I say look into it first. Mech games are definitely good with joystick. The only thing is that there hasn't been a Mech game in a while so the graphics of the ones available aren't going to be pretty by today's standards (assuming that it's an issue for you).
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#6 Posted by dlindenb2000 (5073 posts) -
God, the last game I played with a joystick was Wolf 3D. Think I've still got it sittin in the closet.
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#7 Posted by LTZH (2704 posts) -
Check out Wings of Prey, it's a new ww2 sim (w/arcade mode). Don't look for it on GS though, go to the official site.
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#8 Posted by S0H0 (298 posts) -
The planes in BF1942 and helicopters, jets in BF2 are also pretty fun.
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#9 Posted by CheddaBumpz (64 posts) -
not really a fan of using a joystick for fighting games, and i already played street fighter 4, wasn't impressed. combat flight sims and other stuff is more what im looking for
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#10 Posted by Grodus5 (7934 posts) -

Freespace 2. Old, but its 6 bucks on Good old Games last time I checked. Go buy it now.

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#11 Posted by CheddaBumpz (64 posts) -
good call on freespace 2. i just found my disk and installed it hahaha