best free video capture software

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wondering what the best free one is for recording utube/facebook videos I have tried a couple of firefox add-ons but they are hit and miss and debut doesn't pick up audio all the time. I download TuneFab Screen Recorder but it only allows me to record the first 2 minute and I don't want to pay for it? Any free software recommendations?

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OBS, it's free but intermediate.

It captures movies, Games, even adds a fake green screen for those personal moments.

You can always use the mirror in your bathroom if you want free, just place your computer infront of the mirror and it's capturing.

If your refering to Somalian pirates then that I cannot tell you because that's called bleep, but it is more then possible.

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OBS for streaming and for local recording for AMD gpus amd relive that comes with AMD drivers or Nvidia shadowplay if you have an nvidia GPU