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I was noticing that a few PC games like "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons" require a controller to play. Other games simply play much better with one. In terms of comfort, price, compatibility,etc. what do you consider to be the best controller for PC?

Thank you!

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I use the 360 controller on most games like Batman for example. The button prompts are always 360 based. I use a qanba q1 for fighting games and side scrolling games like Dungeons and Dragons.

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360 controller here, it does well for emulation and games that play better with a controller.

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360 controller at the moment

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I use a 360 controller for platformers or straight console ports (LoTR: War in the North, Dark Souls, etc).

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Xbox 360 wireless controller here... I also got a Sony Dualshock 3 for PCSX2 and a racing wheel for racing simulators. But for general purpose, comfort and best compatibility with games i recommend an Xbox 360 gamepad. For PC games, nothing can beat that for sure. It doesn't matter if you'll get wired or wireless, but be sure to pick up the latest revision. It doesn't have ''broken'' d-pad like the older ones...

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360 Wireless

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also using x360 wireless. you'll get the best out of many multiplatform games with it.

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if for all game include old game you will want Logitech F310 it a hybrid of PS3 joystick + Xbox 360 Button but it support xinput & Direct Input and Complete Rebind of every key But you gotta use it in Direct Input and Force the profile to handle it Like a Keyboard kinda tedious

so it can make it work like a Keyboard Arrow Key's and Space bar for game that refuse to allow Gamepad Keybinding : i use it for some retro-game

But For modern game Xbox 360 Till they do the Xbox one :P I heard it far more ergonomic from Few Friends that touched the Xbox one gamepad that will be compatible with PC as much as Xbox 360

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Xbox or PS3 depending on your preference.

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Wired 360 I've found to have the widest compatibility, it's also my favourite controller so win-win for me :)

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I like the 360 mostly because it works natively.

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i mostly use the 360 controller for pc, its pretty easy just get a 360 wireless receiver for your usb port, they only cost 20 bucks or less

i use a ps3 controller for older snes games and stuff cause its d-pad is superior to the 360 but its much harder to get it working on the pc because you have to install homebrewed bluetooth drivers which will basically ruin any bluetooth function of them except for the ps3 controller so its not recommended unless you never plan on ever using a bluetooth device on your pc other then a ps3 controller. I've even tried installing different brand of bluetooth dongles and they fail to work with the ps3 drivers installed so its just a warning to you if you try that.

I'll probably end up just putting my ps3 drivers on my laptop since its powerful enough to play snes games and isnt used for anything else.

So just to clear it up, use a xbox 360 controller. I'm hoping the ps4 controller will work more easily in windows but we won't know till some drivers get made for it.

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use a wireless 360 controller. buy this you are all set.

i havent felt the new next gen controllers tho. I would say the 360 controller is the way to go.

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I'm comfy with the Xbox 360 Wireless controller.

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Got a wired 360 controller, works flawlessly for all the games that support it.