Battlefield 4 GPU Benchmarks!

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Battlefield 4 using DirectX 11. Nvidia users get a little boost due to NVAPI.

Mantle comes out in December. So expect AMD GCN GPUs to get a huge boost.,1.html

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So much better than the betas performance, nice to see my hd 7950 is still doing well with these new games. I just wish I would stop disconnecting from servers or crashing all the time

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They tested a small section of the single player campaign so not very relevant but a single overclocked7950 should still be able to manage good high average frame rates at 1920x1080 at high if not ultra with some smaa instead of msaa in 64 player mp especially once mantle is implemented. My i7-920 may be more of a bottleneck towards achieving a good minimum frame rate have it overclocked to 4Ghz that's more then enough in the sp but in mp its a different story but will see once I do buy the game.

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so glad i went from a 570 to a 7970GE

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hm I have the 760 GTX 4GB FTW edition and I don't get 54 frames. I get around 70-120 on those settings with 1920x1080.