Back in early 2000s, farming game

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I have been searching for so long for the name and i found this old post here but the person deleted her account, and i didnt find any comments so i just copied the description of the game. Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about. *** the game might not exist any more but I just want to know the name, and any help is wonderful 💜 it's not Stardew Valley since it was released 2016.

"There was this pixel farming game I loved when I was a kid. I think the story was a relative died and you had to take over the farm (obviously). It was mostly about growing crops and keeping them watered than a real time sim. The farm was just a huge plot of tilled land with grass around the edge that you could decorate or build pens for animals to live in. When you would harvest a crops you could take them to the market and decide the price to sell them for and have the market running in the background or you could just sit and watch people buy your stuff. Anyways I keep having flashbacks to it and I would love to play it again so if anybody has any idea of what it could be I'd appreciate it so much! ..."

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I have honestly no idea.