AutoFire/Turbo Program for Keyboard?

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My apology if this isn't the place to ask.

I'm simply looking for anything that allows me to, say, hold B and it will press B really fast (rapid fire, turbo, auto fire, call it whatever you want) until I release it.

I'm asking this for many games where you need to release and press again to do something - it can get EXTREMELY annoying and pointless, I just want it to be easier on the finger.

Thing is, I couldn't find anything that did this no matter how hard I tried. Found some for mouses, joysticks, but obviously, not keyboard. Does anyone know of such a thing?

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Software for gaming devices, whether they be keyboards or game pads, that have macro functions with repeat options can do this. For example, for any macro I set up on one of the G keys on my Logitech G15 keyboard, I can set the repeat option to "While Pressed" or "Toggle". In both cases the repeat rate is so fast it made my eyes twitch - the solution is to add an appropriate amount of delay (in milliseconds) between key presses. However, a normal key can't be converted to a macro key. The actual macro keys are programmed to send the normal key press. I haven't searched, but I would be very surprised if Logitech is the only company that has written such software for their devices. I'm not sure about universal software that works with any device or can turn a normal key into a macro key; I'm betting that would be much harder to find.
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Thanks for the post.

Yes it is much harder, but I do not understand why.

You have the perfect things for I'm looking for but I'd need to buy your keyboard, which is a nono. And assuming that any software out there is anywhere similar is well, just not true - for one to even repeat the action infinitely "while pressed" is extremely rare already, and when they do, they do it in way I can't use it.

I'm sure something more universal that can do what I want exists - its impossible that it doesn't, I wouldn't believe that, its nots an overcomplicated things and its very possible compared to all programs I saw.

I'll still keep this bumped if anyone knows more useful thing to add...

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well, I'm also looking for this, until now I use supermacro wich make me able to autospam a bouton but, if I disable it will playing, it's annoying to activate it again, so it's a pretty a always turbo button or nothing.
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autohotkey is a freeware hotkey/macro program. google it.

a simpul auto fire would be:

$F1::;where theF1 one key is what you press



[tab]if not getkeystate("F1", "p");note [tab] means the key tab on your key board


[tab]sendp;where p is the fire buto


odds are you'll want something a little slower.