Audiophiles I need your assistance!

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Any fellow Audiophiles out here?... I am having trouble deciding out of the following speakers to upgrade to:

  • JBL 305P MKII
  • Edifier S2000 Pro
  • KRK RP5 G4
  • Adam Audio T5V
  • Swans M200MIII
  • iLoud Micro

I have watched and read numerous reviews on all of these monitors and for the life of me can't decide... I have had the iLoud Micros in my Amazon basket for a week due to their size and I have the JBL 305P MKII's in my Gear4music basket for 3 days now because of a convincing review or so I thought.

I know any one of these will be a upgrade over my AV30's and they all range in prices and sound but pound for pound which is the go to?... I am leaning towards the JBL's but those Swans have nothing but positive reviews from serious Audiophiles. Its too hard!

This is the most stressful upgrade I have ever gone through... How do you pick something you can't hear and not only that but what sound signature you would prefer when the majority of these speakers are not available in any store for me to listen to?!...

Are the ones that are almost 2x the price as the others in the list worth it?... God damn. F***!

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Swans or edifiers seem good. Haven't heard them though. Definitely do not go for the micros. Drivers are too small and don't move enough air to give good bass.

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@BassMan: The Swans M200MKIII where my original choice until I fell down a rabbit hole of active speakers... I am torn between them and the JBL 305P MKII's which are the best bang for buck from several reviewers and the Swans are better but are they £150 better.

I don't know... Was hoping someone who has had one of these could recommend them but I have run into no one on several forums.

How are the DX8's?... The D3's are out and that can be a potential buy as they are in the sweet spot of £250 only issue is the size.

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@Grey_Eyed_Elf: The BX8 D2s sound great. I'd imagine the D3s are even better. Highly recommended for the price. Obviously there are better monitors, but they are some of the best entry level monitors. They do take up a lot of space, but they are nice looking speakers.