ATI R9 290 vs ASUS GeForce GTX 780 - I can't decide!!

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I've been a ATI user forever. The only other cards I ever had we're old Voodoo's.

I recently got my hands on a R9 290 at a reasonable price. Card ran amazing benchmarks, stress tested like a champ, did get a little hot and though it was loud, it was nothing compared to what everyone says about it.

Then I started testing it in game and the problems showed up. Black screens over and over and over. Sometimes it took 15 minutes, sometimes it took 2 hours. So I started looking into it and found out a huge amount of people we're having this same exact problem. Apparently it's caused by the bad Elpdia memory, all if not all of us who got black screening cards we're unlucky enough to have Elpdia instead of Hinyx.

So I sent it out to get checked, tested on a other PC to see if it was just me but no. The problem is real. First time Ive ever had problems with ATI like this.

Now I got my money back but I'm without a card because these things are literally sold out everywhere. And I'm thinking of making the jump. It pains me to do so but I feel like it could be the right thing to do right now. I feel like the GTX may be a little less powerful, but much more reliable at the moment.

I've been reading reviews and watching videos on both cards and how they match up against each other and mostly it seems like the R9 pushes ahead in almost every way. Still, after my bad card and all the other reviews about many R9 290's being inconsistent in how they perform I'm starting to double guess my loyalty to ATI.

One nice thing that really attracts me to the GTX 780 Asus is the non reference cooling, I've always had non reference coolers on my cards. They give me a safety net if I ever wanna overclock and just make me feel "safer".

Anyways I'm gonna stop typing since this is getting really long! I'm just looking for some help making this choice. I know they're both great cards but maybe someone here has had experience with both. Or has been in the same situation as me ( a long time ATI fan ) and switched over.

There is also the issue of Mantle. Is it worth investing now for a new API that should be gaining a rise in popularity over the next 1 or 2 years?

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There are a ton of R9 290s on every brand you can imagine and more.
GTX 780 is a nice GPU. I know a couple people that have em and they haven't had any problems with them what's so ever.

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@Prexxus: Ati Its the way to go as the new gen games will be build upon ati gpu architecture which eventually will have full support on ati cards. I'm using a gigabyte r9 290 winforce with an i7 4770k alongside 16gb 2.4mhz ram, at full stress the gpu temp is bellow 68 with a good engineered airflow case.

Adding a second r9 290 later on your are looking at 5 years of gaming with no need of changing parts.

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780 easily. The r9 290 is not a compelling card at $500+

Nvidia drivers are far better in every way.

If you ever plan to go multicard, ati is just not even an option,3519-15.html

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R9 290 with third party cooling? I think the Asus DirectCU II models are rather quiet for that card.

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@JigglyWiggly_ said:

780 easily. The r9 290 is not a compelling card at $500+

Nvidia drivers are far better in every way.

If you ever plan to go multicard, ati is just not even an option,3519-15.html

Battlefield 3 was superseded by Battlefield 4. LOL.,3659-6.html










As for drivers.... From,3442-3.html

On single GPU setup and latency, 7970 GE has better latency results than Titan and GTX 680.

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Generally they're both pretty even.

I have the Asus DCUII's

It's really down to how well you OC, what games you play and what resolution you play at.

Here is my 3dmark score.

Here's a 2 x 290 result I found

If you don't mind the noise and the heat or fancy getting some water blocks on them then go for the 290's. Especially if you can get one that can be flashed to a 290X.

I can't recommend the 780 enough though. Clocks extremely well and always stays cool 'n' quiet. My favourite GPU ever!

Obviously you know what my choice is. :)

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Thanks for the replies guys. After sleeping on it a bit and thinking about this long and hard I decided to stick with ATI and order myself another R9 290. Hopefully this one has Hinyx memory and not Elpdia :P

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Either pick up a third party R9 290 for $450 (once the inflated prices drop) or get a GTX 780 SC now if you can't wait and essentially get R9 290 at 1050mhz performance out of the box with a free game or two