Arenum: A Fantasy Arena Management game

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Hi everyone at Gamespot!

Arenum is a freefantasy arena management game. What this basically means is that you buy slaves (who all have different traits, stats, race, skill etc.) and then fight against other teams in your league. Your gladiators level up, gain new skills, you can buy them items and train their combat abilities (such as melee, swords, clubs, crossbows). Your ultimate goal is to become the winner of the Legendary League.

There are 30 different races in the game (dragon, wyvern, goblin, human, high elf... the list goes on and they all have their own unique ability, for example zombies can rise from the dead), 20 different traits and we are aiming to have about 100 items and 10 enchantments and a lots of different events (like slave rebellions, wars and stuff like that) in the game.

The game is currently WIP but we released a demo version (which is kinda unstable, misses a lot of features but gives you an idea of the game) at the same time with our indiegogo-campaign (we need to raise as much money as possible for few things, for example, porting the game for Android).

Check out our trailer:

And also check out few screenshots:

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If you are interested about the project you can download thedemo versionfrom our indiegogo-page. Click the picture below to check out our campaign:

Click to move to our page!


If you have any questions please, ask! I'll answer. :)