AOE 3 > AOE2, AOE 1?

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Everywhere I go, it seems that everyone prefers the second game over the third or the first over the third. And, they all have something in common...Esemble dumbed it down OR it's all graphics and no gameplay.

I truly, honestly, think that in this case, dumbed down or just graphics and no gameplay just does NOT apply. I was an avid player of AOE2 back in the day and played it constantly. I also started on the first game with the expansion Rise of Rome and played the hell out of that until the sequal so I'm not some newbie who decided to play AOE one day, I know my stuff.

I really believe that AOE3 is the best. In terms of gameplay, it's no different then the originals besides a few tweaks and slight differences. And, the strategy is all there. But call me a graphics whore, I think that the greater visuals as well as the physics make the game that much better. Other than the visuals, the games are pretty much identical.

So what is this AOE3 hate or distaste coming from exactly? What is your stance on this game, do you prefer it over the originals or not?

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#2 Posted by nightwraith40k (475 posts) -
Didn't like AOE 3 that much never bought the expansions. Instead I moved on the other RTS like Company of Heroes and Total War Series (YAY Empire:TW coming), its ok just not my favorite of the series. Like the first 2 alot even though it is 2d its still great, have it around for old times sake.
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Meh, eh, bleh, flu, bluh.... This is hard for me. AoE2 is the classic that brought me into the world of RTS gaming while AoE3 is what got me into copetitive multi-player and offers more variety in the civs it has. I later got the first AoE but never really got into it. Served more as just completing the collection but maybe I'll go back to it. I love all of them equally. Plus AoM is cool too.
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#4 Posted by Nowak94 (229 posts) -
i loved it spent half my summer playing it
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#5 Posted by nightwraith40k (475 posts) -

AOM is cool

I played AOE 1 when I was in grade 2 XD and it was rated teen, well that brought me into rts. Never even knew how in was bought or came into my hands.

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AOE 2. that game still kicks ass.
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#7 Posted by the_ChEeSe_mAn2 (8464 posts) -
AOE 2 was one of my most favorite RTSes from all time. It had the only manual that had educational information pertaining to the game (medieval weapons and technology).
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#8 Posted by Pittfan666 (8638 posts) -
AOE 3 was majorly disappointing for me. Age of Empires 2 was overall the best IMO.
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I like AoE 3 better than the other two, mainly because of the time setting and graphics and such.

Now, you may call me a copier for liking the 3rd Age Of Empires in the series, but I remember from a young age, about 6 or 7 (talking after the first 2 AoE's came out), I played them and I played them. I don't see how anything is different enough to bag it out on. I like how it has simplicity and it has maintained its good form. I think people who insult the 3rd Age of Empires should take a look and play the game and see how different it is. IMO the changes are for the best.

By my avatar you should see how much I like AoE3.

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#10 Posted by Tomanomanous (25 posts) -
I also like Age of Mythology (got Titans expansion)
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i love aoe2 at college we used to play it all weekend when the weather was bad massive 8 player regicide battles and we'd leave diplomacy unlocked so at the start most people were allied with everyone else but as the game progressed there were many diplomatic changes to teams when two people would go for the win ahahah good fun. next week when i get my new computer i am getting aoe3 i have been wanting to play for ages!

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Awesome, when you fire at the buildings chunks of buildings come off instead of debuilding.

Best decision ever mate. :)

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aoe3 and its expansions look better and have a better story than the earlier games but it seems like aoe2 required more strategy and micromanagement than aoe3. I might be biased though because aoe2 was the first pc game I played, and also I never play multiplayer and I'm sure that would require much more strategy.

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#14 Posted by Buffalo_Soulja (13151 posts) -
AOE3 is underwhelming. I didn't think it was dumbed down; only that the improvements were not proportional to the time it took between sequels, and that it doesn't stand up to its contemporaries. I am not a fan of the "if it aint broke don't fix it" mentality because I don't see the point in buying a game that I have already played. The gameplay is too chaotic anyway because of the terrible AI and lack of strategic options. The campaign is uninteresting but sometimes just plain weird. I prefer the setting, but Cossacks does it better.
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#15 Posted by Rattlesnake_8 (18452 posts) -
I've enjoyed every AOE game to date. People just seem to prefer the medievil setting compared to AOE3's. I loved playing AOE3 online, although i moved on to COH when it was released and never got around to getting the AOE3 expansions. However out of all the 'Age Of' series, Age of Mythology is probably the one i enjoyed playing online the most.
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#16 Posted by mac631 (168 posts) -

AOE2 > AOE3 > AOE1

AOE3 is a fine game but AOE2 is a superb game.

Those who played the AOE series should know this.

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#17 Posted by fightinglove (145 posts) -

AOE2 > AOE3 > AOE1

AOE3 is a fine game but AOE2 is a superb game.

Those who played the AOE series should know this.


My thoughts exactly. After AOE2 AOE3 was just meh..

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#18 Posted by sergeantscul (183 posts) -
AoE2 is the best hands down, aoe3 only has better graphics but common AoE2 has so much fun stuff. Like strong walls, medival troops and castles. AoE3 has what? Native Indians... rofl!
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#19 Posted by Pessu (944 posts) -
AOE2. I still play it :)
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#20 Posted by eDdY15 (37 posts) -
AOE3 is my favourite by far. Great graphics but with the same gameplay.
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#21 Posted by thusaha (14495 posts) -

AOE2 > AOE3 > AOE1

AOE3 is a fine game but AOE2 is a superb game.

Those who played the AOE series should know this.


My thoughts exactly. After AOE2 AOE3 was just meh..

Same here.
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#22 Posted by blacktorn (8299 posts) -

No way,AOE2 is the best rts of all time.

However Rise of nations is alot better than AOE2.

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#23 Posted by simardbrad (2355 posts) -

This is the order: AOE 2> AOE 1> AOE 3

and AOM is a disgrace to the series and should not be talked about.

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#24 Posted by foxhound_fox (96908 posts) -
The Home City is what killed it for me. That and the setting... it's just so boring.