Anyone want to help me kill the Capra Demon?

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I'm playing Dark Souls for the second time and, for the second time, the Capra Demon is making me consider giving up on the game entirely. Easily the worst designed boss fight I've ever seen in a game. Absolutely infuriating. I'm not sure how the co-op works, but does anyone with a ludicrously overpowered character, who's way further in the game, wanna join me? I just want to get this motherfvcker out of the way so I can keep playing the damn game.

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I had the same problem my first time through, he is actually really easy once you figure out the gimmick. Go through the white light and immediately avoid the two dogs and go up the stairs to the left. This will cause them to rush you and give you a chance to take them out so you don't get stunlocked. Once the dogs are done you lure the Capra demon on the stairs and jump off, then throw spells or fire bombs after he jumps down.

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yeah, I know. I've read all the walkthroughs and strategy guides, and I've beat him before. Problem is, it's not that predictable. The dogs don't always follow you up the stairs, and 9 times out of 10, I can't even get the stairs before being killed by a flurry of dog and giant sword attacks. This fight just pisses me off so much, because this game does such a good job everywhere else of being difficult, without being cheap. But this particular fight, can't be described in any other way. It's just cheap. And frustrating. Poorly designed, poorly executed, poorly thought out. Like it made to be a crapshoot that doesn't require any skill. Just luck and persistence. If you keep trying it, dozens and dozens and dozens of times, eventually, you'll get a lucky break and the dogs will let up on you just long to enough to kill them.

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Why not avoid the Capra demon all together? Either use the Master Key (if you started with it) and take the back door to Blighttown or run through the Valley of Drakes to Blighttown?
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The Capra demon has the key to get to the depths, not Blighttown. But I guess, in theory, you could just skip the depths, as well, and go right to Blighttown. Anyway, I finally got him.