Anyone else having problems with latest Adobe Flash?

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#1 Posted by C_Rule (9816 posts) -

The latest release of Flash has been causing me srs problems.

It was making my browser crash (with a flash plugin error message) and also causing my display driver to crash (and sometimes not recover :().

Turns out, the hardware acceleration which is apparently a recent addition to Flash, is the cause of the problem.

I found other people having this problem with GeForce cards, not sure about AMD.

Anyway, I rolled back to the previous version, and all is good.

Wondering if anyone else experienced this problem?

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#2 Posted by gumeh (235 posts) -
yeah i found same problem with mozilla firefox and adobe flash plugins. i always playing game online on facebook (farmville, mafia wars or zynga poker) all the game required flash player.sometimes i got crashed on my mozilla. and like your say rolled back to previous version. and reinstall my mozilla. with notes : install driver or software with full version, not beta. beta always causing problem, there many bugs and has compability problems.