Any uppcoming H&SRPG (aRPG) ?

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Guys i am looking for some crowfunding/kickstarter, or any other future game hackandslash rpg / arpg like Diablo , Titan Quest , Torchlight, Grim Dawn, Sacred 2, something like that games. I am die hard fun of H&SRPG's, have several characters in both Grim Dawn, Titan Quest 100 lvl, and few of them Hard Core characters 100lvl. So i am craving for something new, as good as traditional H&S game ? Any new games,upcomming projects ?

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I would suggest keeping the acronym down to HSRPG. It's cleaner and it still gets the job done, but kudos to you for knowing the difference between it and a traditional role playing game, because I swear that we lost the action/adventure to the lite-RPG elements.