Any realistic tactical shooter games out there?

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What I mean by that is, if you get shot in the head. You die. same for chest. Leg shot would slow you or even ground you waiting for team to pull you to safety. Ect. Something that is slow paced and methodical. Team work would be a must. (ARMA sorta is like that but not really).

Bonus points if you can get up against cover, (rainbow six style) and peak around it(preferably not being able to see around a corner your character should not be able to see around. Both multiplayer and single player (or both) games are acceptable.

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ArmA 3 is a pretty good bet. It's a fairly realistic military sim, emphasis on infantry but there's tanks, trucks, helicopters, and aircraft.

It does have a singleplayer game, a really great sandbox/map editor, and modestly sized but incredibly dedicated multiplayer community. Tons of mods and so forth.

It's hit detection and damage model makes sense...mostly. If you watch the video below you can see what they were going for.

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Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm - great WW2-themed tactical shooters, 32v32

Rising Storm 2 - similar to above but set in Vietnam

Insurgency/Day of Infamy/Insurgency Sandstorm - all games from same dev, Insurgency/Sandstorm are modern day, Day of Infamy is WW 2. Sandstorm is having a free beta weekend right now before it launches this coming week! these games have a great co-op mode as well as PvP

Squad - modern day, 50v50, larger maps, more focus on vehicles

Post Scriptum - like squad, but WW2

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Assuming you hail from the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon days of old, you may want to look into this recent release :

Seems like it's made by a team made partially of old Red Storm, the original developers of those series I just mentioned.

Looks good. I'm looking into picking it up in the coming weeks.

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Problem is all the new-ish ones are all mp focused.

Meanwhile tac shooters of the past had some excellent campaigns.

I think one that's not out yet called Ready or Not will supposedly have a proper campaign though.

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for realistic shooters all I play anymore is arma II or III .... 3 for me runs pretty smooth but 2 has more mods as of right now.... I like the old ghost recons including advanced war fighter series but arma surpasses them easily in my book

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Try STALKER: Lost Alpha DC v1.4007.

First of all, it's free. Second, one head shot will kill as will getting shot in critical areas. Don't ask how it works. All I know is I was at the receiving end. Sometimes, I'm reloading a save game because I didn't know what hit me. Your character can also bleed slowly to death, die from radiation poisoning, die from thirst and hunger. Before your character dies, it will stagger and have blurry vision for a while. Same thing happens if you drink too much vodka or too much lack of sleep.

Taking a look around a corner can get you killed easily. You can take a peek around a corner by leaning your head only to minimize your target signature.

Wounded NPCs and mutants limp when wounded. But, they can sometimes heal themselves just like you can. If you want em dead, double-check. If they're really dead, you can loot em. If not? Time to put another bullet.


I forgot to add there is also weight management. So, be mindful of what you bring with you. Also..... flashlights require batteries. Guns wear out, resulting in gun jams and a trip to the tech for repairs. Same goes for whatever you're wearing. It too may require repairs.

There are some areas with poison gas that will kill you in an instant if you don't have a gas mask.

The one sci-fi material in the game is electronic emissions that can fry your brain (see the middle of my signature) aka Brain Scorcher. You'll need specialized head gear to counter its effects.