Any promising upcoming MMOs or RPGs

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Just looking around, cant really seem to find any that look good to me (im not a fan of JRPGs)...

any to recommend?

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id say atm your effectively stuck with the pile of games that are already ehre. this is december the month of bugger all's getting announced.

atm the only upcoming mmorpg or mmo-sub genred games that have been announced by anyone major has to be

world of mercenaries by city-interactive. which isnt exactly my 1st choice for a game to discuss as atm we have 3 pieces of concept art, a logo and a game name.. thats it

on the rpg side of things. again nothing truly special. though THQ should at some point start discussing wh40k: dark millenium which is a singleplayer game of some sorts and looks to be mass effect re-skinned as a warhammer 40k title.. err.. if you will. it was origionally an MMOFPS

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Path of Exile

Grim Dawn

Dragon Age 3

Diablo 3 (pvp)

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Elder Scrolls Online

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Noble's Land, maybe? Indie oldschool MMO, no publicity yet.
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Darkfall: Unholy Wars. This is a sleeper hit in making.

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There should (theoretically) be at least 3 or 4 decent crowd-sourced RPGs coming out late next year. As far as MMORPGs go, there's nothing on the horizon that piques my interest. I've never liked theme-park MMORPGs, and lately, I've grown increasingly bored with them. I find them incredibly monotonous and I doubt I'll ever buy another one. With that said, World of Darkness might be okay but who knows when that's coming out

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upcoming? not that i know. well phantasy star online 2 is pretty fun, and the NA version is coming next month IIRC. there's guild wars 2 out of the recently released ones.
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I just finished downloading Firefall. I'll tell you how it goes. :P
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ArcheAge, World of Darkness, Age of Wushu