Any games like Stronghold?

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Hi guys,

Back in the day I really loved playing stronghold, I also played crusader and stronghold 2. Then I had a total failure feeling with stronghold "fantasy"..

Recent games ive played similar to stronghold is games like the settlers and the anno games, and they are pretty good in their own way.

But I really miss the aspect of building a castle and creating an army like in stronghold.

So, I was wondering if you guys know of any games preferably later published than stronghold, that are sim games, but with focus on warfare?

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I'm a big fan of Stronghold and Crusader too. Stronghold 2 and Legends were definitely fails. The closest to Stronghold I could find was Age of Empires 3 and Rise of Nations. There are pretty different tho, as mechanics and stuff, but are again settled in medieval ages. There are guns involved however. And you have to destroy all buildings not a single king. Sadly there is no other game like Stronghold, so you're searching in vain. I suggest you wait until Stronghold Kingdoms and Stronghold 3 are released at the end of 2010 (according to Firefly). Keep in touch, who know what could they come up with. If you're a real fan of Crusader, be sure to check out Stronghold Crusader Extreme - it's for hardcore fans only, but it's a lot of fun with user limit of 10 000 :D
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been wondering if I should give Rise Of Nations a try, I think I will, thx for the heads up m8