any free mmorpg with good pvp?

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ok my friend wants a mmorpg, with good pvp. what he means by that is pvp that is some what fair. and that you get item/items from the person you kill. is there any game like that?
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plz. sorry to be annoying
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Guild Wars...or wait until the new warhammer game comes out. PvP in that is supposed to be sick. I'm not sure about age of Conan...
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Wait, you want a free MMO for PVP? BAD MOVE! Most FTP MMOs suck and they try whatever they can for you to buy items. Free MMOs are the worst for PVP because they ALWAYS give item buyers the best items that make them unstoppable to free players. Just don't bother. I'll give you an example, the game I like the most is Metin 2. There are these hairstyles you can buy for $40 a piece. But they aren't JUST hair styles, they give you bonus damage to other classes in PVP. I.E. There was a warrior pony tail that gives warriors x5 extra damage when fighting a mage. There were also hair color dyes that add MORE PVP damage on top of that. And they ALL do it so don't bother asking again for a 'fair' one.

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2Moons is free mmorpg with good PvP. PvE is not that great since you need to grind a bit. Check my blogs for more info